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Lingerie Colors Determine Your Sex Life


Lingerie Colors Determine Your Sex Life

super June 4, 2018

Do you seem to see an ongoing pattern with your recent girlfriends or boyfriends, while the first couple of months is full of passionate heated sex, so hot and steamy that you two can barely keep your hands off one another, even while out in public you constantly touch one another, or meeting during your lunch break during work hours to have a quickie in the car, fast forward 8 months in to the relationship where the sex changes. After a certain period of time, you notice that the amount of sex changes, as well as the type of sex becomes altered, to the point of no passion and very freezing sex, almost as it is being forced only due to the aspect of the relationship routine, the spice becomes bland.

Lingerie has actually been proven to bring the spice and passion back to the bedroom or for some, the spice back to outside the bedroom, but the thing is the color of one’s lingerie helps determine the type of sex you two will have. I know this sounds crazy but color evokes certain behaviors from us, it is a bit of a psychology, but color really is a mood determination; color is science and sex is a type of science.

First off those whom think there is just one type of sexual play, well you are mistaken as there are many different types of sex. There is seductive sex which is the type of sex in which happens in your first few meetings, where you try to seduce one another with heavy notions of flirtation and sensual conversation, when a kiss turns to so much more. There is romantic sex, when both parties are in a complete relaxation mode, maybe on a vacation, and have all the time in the world with candles and wine, massaging one another’s feet, thighs, butts, kissing each others necks, and this is just a slow enjoying every moment type of sex.

Now animalistic sex is more like the type of sex that is, I have to have you right here on the kitchen floor, ripping each other’s clothes off, basically the kiss comes after the orgasm or no kiss at all. Passionate sex is the type of sex that happens when you two make up from an argument or one of you has been away for work, and it’s been weeks, it’s making love type of sex. Quickie sex is pretty self-explanatory. Kinky sex involves things like wax, spanking, dressing up as dentists or doctors or naughty schoolgirls, well that’s the tame stuff of kinky sex.

Okay, I have explained the types of sex, so now let’s get on to the colors of lingerie.

Red lingerie and Women: If a woman is wearing this color she is saying to you that she wants sex and has been waiting. This girl is not in the mood to play castle in the sky romance love games, she is saying she wants passion, wild and enthusiastic sex in bed.

Red lingerie and Men: Men whom like red lingerie tend to prefer full figured women, and are very into the carnal excitement of sex and tend to be open for new experiences while not being selfish and wanting to satisfy both you and himself.

Black Lingerie and Women: When a lady wears black lingerie she is telling her partner that she loves to try new things and experiment with sex, and that she is able to pleasure and satisfy a man with any dreams that he might have.

Black Lingerie and Men: Men whom like women in black lingerie, tend to be men more of romance rather than sex. These men are not after a women’s flesh, but rather cherish the sexiness and elegance of a women, full of imagination nonetheless but prefer to create romance first than sex.

White Lingerie and Women: This is a very neutral color, she tends to be hiding something in privacy; it’s a complete combination of innocence, passion, and hidden secrets mashed up together…it could go any way with a women in white.

White Lingerie and Men: Men whom desire women in white usually are very conservative in the bedroom, as it’s a color of purity and simplicity, so basically he is desiring a girl with a simple and pure look. Watch out ladies these men tend to be very possessive and controlling.

Yellow Lingerie and Women: A lady whom wears yellow lingerie is devoted and values her relationship, this women, the word sex means something to them, as she desire tenderness, love and care during her love making.

Yellow Lingerie and Men: Men whom like women in yellow lingerie, have a huge need for sex, and very lustful with a heavy drive for sex. Seeing their partner in yellow lingerie will excite them instantly, but than all they want to see is the women’s flesh.

Well there are many other colors, but haven’t truly done the research but I do have some notes that I would like to make. Blue lingerie I think says to the partner please make the first move, but I think blue lingerie women have a lot to offer and she usually has a vast world of sexual dreams with little boundaries. Beige lingerie usually is a choice I feel for men and women whom are cold hearted and or depressed. Pink lingerie people tend to be confused with sex and what they feel is right or wrong. I am still researching this topic so please forgive me if I am wrong about some things.