Here Are 7 Really Dirty Things Your Woman Would Like You To Do When You Have Sex With Her

It’s true to say that women really like DIRTY SEX.

And if you can give your woman really dirty sex, the kind of sex that blows her mind… she’ll want more sex than ever. Guaranteed.

You see — most guys give their women boring sex and that turns women off.

So if you want to have a great sex-life, don’t do what ‘most guys’ do. Instead, be a REAL MAN and give your woman the kind of hot, dirty sex that she really wants.

7 Really Dirty Things Your Woman Would Like You To Do During Sex

1. Let Her Watch Herself

This is extremely exciting for your woman and helps to make the sex downright dirty.

Here’s how you can let your woman watch herself during sex:

Set up a mirror by the side of your bed and then, whilst you are in the missionary position — you can both look to the side and watch yourselves having sex.

2. Play With Yourself And Let Your Woman Watch

Many woman would like to see their man play with himself. Try masturbating for your woman the next time you have sex with her and she’ll be really turned on and excited by how it makes her feel.

After you’ve ‘put on a show for her’ be sure to give her GREAT SEX.

3. Have Sex In Public

The idea of being caught or watched whilst having sex is very exciting for many women and is a definite way to make the sex dirtier.

You can make sex in public a reality for your woman by doing it in a car park or in a toilet in a public place.

4. Make The Doggy-Style Position More Exciting By Doing This

Most women love the doggy-style position, but here’s a way to make it more dirty for your woman…

As you are having sex in the doggy-style position, spank her bottom, grab her hair and TALK DIRTY to her.

This is guaranteed to drive her to ORGASM if you do it right.

5. Go To A Sex Party

This is an extremely dirty idea that many women would love to try but would never actually ask their man to do (but they’d happily go along with if he suggested it).

At a sex party you can do everything from just watching other people to taking part.

Whatever you do… it’ll definitely TURN YOUR WOMAN ON, excite her and make her feel dirty in a very good way.

6. Don’t Take All Her Clothes Off

There is something dirty about just lifting up your woman’s skirt, pulling her knickers to one side and ravaging her.

You do not need to remove all of her clothes every time you have sex and many women love to be taken in the way I have just described.

Try it with your woman and you’ll be impressed with her reaction.

7. Tie Your Woman To The Bed And Tease Her

OK, this is a favourite of mine.

Use a little light bondage to tie your woman to the bed. Some handcuffs from an adult sex store will do the job.

Now, when you have her so she can’t move — TEASE HER. And I mean really tease her.

Get her so hot, wet, HORNY and desperate for you that she BEGS you to have sex with her. Then tease her a little more.

Then have sex with her when you want. Very powerful. Very dirty. Your woman will love it.

Use these 7 ways to give your woman the kind of hot, dirty sex that she desires.

Whatever you try in the bedroom, always keep in mind that you will give your woman the greatest sex ever — the kind that makes her literally addicted to your love-making… when you give her VAGINAL ORGASMS during intercourse. (HINT: 99% of men fail to do this for their women).


Understanding Addiction to Paid Sex

Sex addiction, when it comes in the form of paid sex, can have a greater negative impact on a person’s life than some other sex addiction behaviors. Not only can it form a dependence on faulty relationships, but can cause financial, legal, and health problems.

Paid sex comes in many forms, from the most common phone sex to the highest profile, prostitution, but all are forms of sex addiction.

Phone sex is one of the easiest to access version of paid sex, but because the calls are charged by the minute, it can quickly become a large financial burden for a person with sex addiction seeking this as an outlet. Phone sex offers a level of intimacy, or false intimacy, if you will, above pornography, but allows for some distancing, making it an attractive option for an addict looking for a minimal degree of intimacy but may be too shy or lack the social skills to obtain sex in another fashion.

A number of things can occur during phone sex. Different services offer different options, and paid sex workers, sometimes referred to as “fantasy artists” or “adult phone entertainers,” are usually trained to provide these various services to callers. The conversations can include suggestive language, descriptions of sexual acts, the verbal acting out of sexual acts, or guided sex tours. These things can revolve around taboos or other acts the caller does not have access to in real life. Callers will often masturbate during the conversations or shortly after.

Someone who uses phone sex to cope with a problem or fill a need can quickly find him or herself in a large amount of credit card debt, or with a high phone bill. If the person is suffering a true sex addiction, the initial “sticker shock” may not have enough shock value at first to get them to stop, and in fact can escalate the addiction by incurring even more credit card and phone bills. This can cause a downward spiral, with the financial pressure pushing the sex addict deeper into the behavior, or causing them to seek other outlets for it. If they are left unstopped, they may resort to criminal behavior to pay for phone sex, such as stealing cell phones or credit cards.

Because of the level of human interaction going on, a person with this addiction can develop an unrealistic sense of what a real relationship entails. If the behavior carries on for a long time and the sex addiction is deep enough, it can prevent a person from forming valid relationships when the opportunity arises, or sabotaging an existing relationship. The sex addict comes to rely on these “relationships” as real. Phone sex is considered cheating by many, and because of the billing situation can be difficult for a sex addict to conceal. This can lead to emotionally charged and unexpected scenarios when the spouse or partner discovers their significant other is not only in debt, but had been paying for phone sex.

Aside from paid phone sex, an addict can also use Websites that have a paying component. There is an abundance of free pornography online, however, and while these Websites are able to do business, a sex addict who is relying on them has them as less costly options compared to phone sex or prostitution.

Like phone sex, prostitution raises a cost issue which we have covered. Besides financial ramifications, prostitution presents significant health risks to the addict, not the least of which are sexually transmitted diseases. Prostitution is also illegal in most places and is usually surrounded by other illegal activities and violent people supporting and practicing them. A person with a sex addiction who sees prostitutes on a regular basis also exposes him or herself to legal consequences which can damage a reputation or cost a person their marriage, family, relationships or job.

A sex addict using prostitution may be seeking a level of intimacy not found with other forms of sexual release available to them. While the interaction may simulate the intimate parts of a real relationship, it only leads the sex addict to develop a poor understanding of meaningful romantic interaction. And like phone sex, it can stunt or block a valid relationship from forming or destroy an existing one.

Prostitution, and to a lesser extent, phone sex, also creates a false power dynamic that can add to the distorted idea of what a relationship should be. The prostitute is a paid contractor, and will perform sex acts the client might not otherwise be able to engage in with someone not performing for money. The prostitute is in a subservient position more akin to an employee rather than a caring romantic partner. This may become part of the attraction to the person with this addiction and they may carry some of the mindset into a real relationship by attempting to trade favors, gifts, or affection for sex.


Lingerie Colors Determine Your Sex Life

Do you seem to see an ongoing pattern with your recent girlfriends or boyfriends, while the first couple of months is full of passionate heated sex, so hot and steamy that you two can barely keep your hands off one another, even while out in public you constantly touch one another, or meeting during your lunch break during work hours to have a quickie in the car, fast forward 8 months in to the relationship where the sex changes. After a certain period of time, you notice that the amount of sex changes, as well as the type of sex becomes altered, to the point of no passion and very freezing sex, almost as it is being forced only due to the aspect of the relationship routine, the spice becomes bland.

Lingerie has actually been proven to bring the spice and passion back to the bedroom or for some, the spice back to outside the bedroom, but the thing is the color of one’s lingerie helps determine the type of sex you two will have. I know this sounds crazy but color evokes certain behaviors from us, it is a bit of a psychology, but color really is a mood determination; color is science and sex is a type of science.

First off those whom think there is just one type of sexual play, well you are mistaken as there are many different types of sex. There is seductive sex which is the type of sex in which happens in your first few meetings, where you try to seduce one another with heavy notions of flirtation and sensual conversation, when a kiss turns to so much more. There is romantic sex, when both parties are in a complete relaxation mode, maybe on a vacation, and have all the time in the world with candles and wine, massaging one another’s feet, thighs, butts, kissing each others necks, and this is just a slow enjoying every moment type of sex.

Now animalistic sex is more like the type of sex that is, I have to have you right here on the kitchen floor, ripping each other’s clothes off, basically the kiss comes after the orgasm or no kiss at all. Passionate sex is the type of sex that happens when you two make up from an argument or one of you has been away for work, and it’s been weeks, it’s making love type of sex. Quickie sex is pretty self-explanatory. Kinky sex involves things like wax, spanking, dressing up as dentists or doctors or naughty schoolgirls, well that’s the tame stuff of kinky sex.

Okay, I have explained the types of sex, so now let’s get on to the colors of lingerie.

Red lingerie and Women: If a woman is wearing this color she is saying to you that she wants sex and has been waiting. This girl is not in the mood to play castle in the sky romance love games, she is saying she wants passion, wild and enthusiastic sex in bed.

Red lingerie and Men: Men whom like red lingerie tend to prefer full figured women, and are very into the carnal excitement of sex and tend to be open for new experiences while not being selfish and wanting to satisfy both you and himself.

Black Lingerie and Women: When a lady wears black lingerie she is telling her partner that she loves to try new things and experiment with sex, and that she is able to pleasure and satisfy a man with any dreams that he might have.

Black Lingerie and Men: Men whom like women in black lingerie, tend to be men more of romance rather than sex. These men are not after a women’s flesh, but rather cherish the sexiness and elegance of a women, full of imagination nonetheless but prefer to create romance first than sex.

White Lingerie and Women: This is a very neutral color, she tends to be hiding something in privacy; it’s a complete combination of innocence, passion, and hidden secrets mashed up together…it could go any way with a women in white.

White Lingerie and Men: Men whom desire women in white usually are very conservative in the bedroom, as it’s a color of purity and simplicity, so basically he is desiring a girl with a simple and pure look. Watch out ladies these men tend to be very possessive and controlling.

Yellow Lingerie and Women: A lady whom wears yellow lingerie is devoted and values her relationship, this women, the word sex means something to them, as she desire tenderness, love and care during her love making.

Yellow Lingerie and Men: Men whom like women in yellow lingerie, have a huge need for sex, and very lustful with a heavy drive for sex. Seeing their partner in yellow lingerie will excite them instantly, but than all they want to see is the women’s flesh.

Well there are many other colors, but haven’t truly done the research but I do have some notes that I would like to make. Blue lingerie I think says to the partner please make the first move, but I think blue lingerie women have a lot to offer and she usually has a vast world of sexual dreams with little boundaries. Beige lingerie usually is a choice I feel for men and women whom are cold hearted and or depressed. Pink lingerie people tend to be confused with sex and what they feel is right or wrong. I am still researching this topic so please forgive me if I am wrong about some things.


Best Sex Positions – Have a Wonderful Night by Using Great Sex Techniques

First of all, I presume that you have admitted that your current sex life is boring and non-intimating, at least you are looking for some more fresh and hot sex techniques to stimulate a hot and steamy sex.

One of the reason that create boring and non exciting sex is due to limited and stereotype positions that used in the sex. Sex is not a routine job, you should not stop learning on how to improve the sex techniques including having best sex positions. Well, there are many great sex techniques to be learned and implemented, however, you should start with a few of the best sex positions first.

Do not simply turn and twist your girl like a rag doll. You should really know what she needs, especially you should make her climax in the sex because you are not the only one needs to have a hot and wonderful sex.

Hence, lets look at several best positions that can fulfill both guy and girl and have a toe curl orgasm.

Best Sex Position 1 – Enhanced Missionary:
This is a common style of sex position but you should enhance it a bit. Have her lie on the while you are on top. Rather than normal style, you should have her leg wide open in the air. Do not hold her leg, let them swing freely while you are punching on her. This will create more movement on her hip and hence make the penetration more exciting.

Best Sex Position 2 – Lying Face Down:

Let her lie down on her front while face down. Let her lift up the butt and do not spread the leg. Guy is on top and penetrate from the back. This is not so great for those below average guy but it is good for many people because since the leg is closed, the friction while penetrating will be greater and hence will have more sexual arousal.

Best Sex Position 3 – Doggy style:

Well, this is a well proven best sex position for couple especially for guys. This allow deep penetration and the most important of all, this is a “instinct best sex position” that happen to most species on earth. Both of you can work out for the unison to prevent over-exhaustion of the guy.

So, here are some simple but three of the best sex positions that are going to blast both of you to series of orgasm tonight. Take the action and check out the effect now!

If you are seriously interested in discovering the secrets to better sex you really need to step out of your comfort zone now. With repeating and limited sex techniques [], you are not going to have a great sex.

So, I think you should check out this website Best Sex Positions [] that provided quite some useful information and guide about sex techniques and best sex positions. Personally, I think the info obtained there are fantastic, my sex life is definitely more wonderful now.

Go ahead and make some changes, he/she is waiting for a hot sex tonight!


Phone Sex 101 – A Short FAQ List

People are sexual creatures, so its no surprise that almost every new invention is given a sexual spin on its original purpose. Sex was probably the last thing on Alexander Graham Bells mind when he invented the telephone, but that doesn’t make phone sex any less exciting.

Whats phone sex anyway?

For the sake of clarity, phone sex is defined as a phone conversation that aims to sexually arouse and stimulate the people involved. Most of the time, masturbation and orgasms are involved, but that mostly depends on the tastes of the callers. It doesn’t matter if the phone call starts innocently as long as theres erotic content thats meant to stimulate both parties (or more, if you have conference call capabilities) its definitely considered as phone sex.

Should I pay for phone sex?

That depends. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is up for it, then you don’t have to pay for quality phone sex. In fact, phone sex could be a good way to spice up your relationship. Other people with no sexual partners can find a friend or acquaintance who wouldn’t mind having phone sex with them. However, many people turn to phone sex when they either don’t want or don’t have a sexual partner. In this case, you can call a professional for phone sex services. Another alternative is to visit a website meant for people who want to find phone sex partners. Keep in mind that most people who have phone sex with strangers have no intention of scheduling a face to face meeting.

How do I initiate phone sex with someone I know?

Its best not to take it too seriously if you’ve never tried it with a specific person before. If you’re uncomfortable, be humorous about it make your phone sex offer sound like a joke. Its also a good idea to close your eyes and actually imagine that the person you’re speaking with is actually next to you. If you’re having a hard time doing this, make your physical environment conducive to sex. Light up some scented candles, put on some sexy music, etc. use whatever turns you on. The important thing is for both parties to feel comfortable and sexy in their respective locations. Once you’ve established this, you’re good to go.

*Simple phone sex tip: If you’re not sure how to get started, you can tell your partner about things that you wish were happening. Example: I wish we were lying together naked right now. Or I wish I could press my body against yours.

I’m not sure how to do this right, do you have any pointers?

Just like physical sexual contact, you need to develop a refined technique to turn on your partner. Your success depends mostly on how well you describe scenarios, as well as how vividly you visualize. Timing is very important. As with real-life sex, you have to get a rhythm down. This is why you shouldn’t have phone sex when you’re in a hurry. Quickies almost never work via phone sex, mostly because phone sex is most successful when expectations and excitement are built up.

Its also important to be considerate of the other person, to make sure that they’re actually in the mood for phone sex. Chat about mundane things for a while and get to know more about their day, because initiating phone sex when someones dog just died never really works.

It helps to keep your language casual. Avoid sounding too technical by saying things like I want to slide my penis into your vagina. Its better if you can add a slang-type spin on the way you say these things.

When it comes to technique, the key is to be graphic but believable. Make sure that the moves you make are realistic, and that you keep in track of what position you’re currently in. After all, you don’t want to be interrupted by the other person saying How did that happen? I thought your hand was on my thigh?! Needless to say, you need to keep your graphic descriptions simple. Very long and complicated descriptions tend to confuse a lot of people. You don’t want to sound like a badly translated electronics manual from China.

What are the advantages of having phone sex?

If you’re having phone sex with someone you’re in a relationship with, its a good way to tell your partner about your sexual fantasies. It also spices up your relationship, especially since most people forget to sexually indulge their partner in an auditory way (ex. Talking dirty, etc). This is also beneficial to long distance relationships, or couples with busy schedules. But remember phone sex shouldn’t be the only way you satisfy your partner.

For those who have casual phone sex with acquaintances or strangers, the advantage is that you can do as much of it as you can without worrying about STDs and such. Its also a good way to learn new tricks that you can apply in bed when you have a chance.

What are disadvantages of having phone sex?

The trouble with phone sex, as with most good things, is that some people get addicted to it. When you spend too much time doing it via phone, that would give you less time to do it physically. You might even kill your sensitivity to a current/potential partners physical and emotional needs. Also, if you’re using paid phone sex hotlines, you might incur too many expenses.